Day 3: TRACK RACING + BEER PONG = this post

So…apparently God decided to build car heaven in the middle of fucking nowhere….

Now, keep in mind- it’s the middle of fucking nowhere, and all of a sudden there’s this amazing race track with small town homes built around it. (it goes without saying the most important part of a home is the garage…

So get together with your local “car friends” as i call them, and go in on a house at the track!
have a safe place to sleep after your hemi swap and keg stands,
i highly reccomend checking it out:
Here’s some of the action from throughout the day, i have some AMAZING video on mounted cameras on the cars, HOLD FOR THE VIDEO….

head downstairs to your garage

We’ll never grow up

and it just never stops getting better

After steaks and kegs, the most bad ass school bus in the world picked us up and took us for one last ride along the track.


DAY 2: My Turn

Stoopid fast suv + insanely verve drinks = FASTER THAN THE MOTHER FUCKING LAW

Still no tickets, not even pulled over. Not many people can say that, the dudes in the e92 m3 werent so lucky, they ended up getting towed n arrested by the smokeys.

I was glad to get the hell out of Cedar Rapids Iowa, that shit was under water a few months ago and now the hotels are covered in mold. There was a really classy gentleman’s club called the “Lumber Yard” which is actually a dual purpose establishment, supplying contractors during the day…..and night.


We stopped for some kodak moments, cruising along with the GTR and z06 crowd again, Hitting a race track later…VIDEO TO COME (maybe)…probably. No really, i swear.


Still experimenting with our


Jesus Christ!
Summer is not over, ever. Period…but with the rally falling threw and end up not actually happening i was ready to admit the summer was ending… We’re all geeking out now, so it’s cool.
This rally has a good turn out, 2 NISSAN GTR’s a fucking mean ferrari aaaaaaand a monster truck? (pics to come)

The Vinyl is almost complete, just waiting for our ILLADELPH banner…



It was called a vinyl meet but we all drank beer instead, and burned our food and parkinglot and other things…

And then the tent blew down! – i swear, someone has pictures of it (maybe).

Here’s a preview of what was to come from ginger kids in bmws.
M5 burning out
GTR tail lights


Later on Dirka fell in love with the main ring girl of a giesha house (im told her name was venus, but that sounds like some weird japanese hooker shit)…and Neel talked about box

The Cayenne Gets ‘Rally-Prepped’

In order to prepare for this years 2008 AKA Rally, Some new parts where ordered…..

1. A set of 6 (six) 22inch Porsche Technique Wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich G-Force KDW2’s….

2. A set of 2 brand new OEM Porsche Cayenne Turbo S intercoolers 

3. Techart Lowering Module 

4. A 2009 OEM Cayenne GTS Rear Deck Spoiler (which couldn’t be painted in time)


Along with some other interior electronic goodies….. 


More to come….